Vivid Colors

by Silence Is Dead

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    releases April 15, 2017

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releases April 15, 2017



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Silence Is Dead Potomac, Maryland

Karnivalklowns Inc. This is the second side of Beauty Of Asylum, artist Angry SID!
The meaning of the band refers to a common known saying, "Silence Is Golden". Throughout love stories this quote contradicts, silence is rather dead through a relationship If no one says anything, there is no change, no future or emotion. ... more

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Track Name: Defeated
I feel defeated
My eyes have treated me with tears
My heart it fleet red
Our lips grow blue
I love you..

I feel defeated
Redeemed red
I feel conceded

And you joker my hues, when I feel blue
Cause only you make me smile

Heartbreaker, tear taker I'm left with you.. (Left with you)
Body breaker, an undertaker that paints me black and blue
I've been waiting for the end to

I feel defeated
My eyes have treated me with tears
My heart it fleet red
Our lips grow blue
I love you..

I feel defeated
Redeemed red
I feel conceded

My eyes have treated me with tears
Our lips grow blue
I love you..
Track Name: Contagious
Just barely I'm feeling the poison
Settling in, my stomach is upset
But it kind of feels more
Like butterflies flying high
They're rising up to my head
Maybe soon I'll be dead

You've made me feel so happy
Just for a while cause your only there when I cannot smile
I'm sure you'll watch me
And you'll catch me looking at you too
I hope you can watch me tonight..

I'm gathering the stars for you to see!
My fantastic dream, the way you'd want him to be!
I'll give you light in your darkest days..
Cause i love you, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Yeah sure I'm contagious!
I don't bleed, I get colored red..
Cause I wouldn't feel any other way!
To make you smile is my bliss
So why not give me a kiss and maybe we can last tonight?

Yeah sure I'm contagious..
I can tell by the way your eyes see.
Listen, I know it hasn't been easy,
So why not bliss me, I need you by my side!
To make me feel so happy
When I need to smile

Yeah sure I'm contagious
I don't bleed, red! Yo! Yo!
Yeah sure I'm contagious
Row row! Yo!
Yeah sure I'm contagious
I feel the poison settling in..
Yeah sure I'm contagious,
I feel the poison just settling in, settling in..
Track Name: Cold Shoulders
I've been waiting for you all night..
I've been wait to see you by my side.
I've been waiting for you to touch me..
And I'm seeking for you to hold me!

But I don't know!
Whose been..
Waiting for you, by the window!
And I'm sure it's been cool all night..

I've.. been feeling blue..
And no one else seems to be healing me..

But I know you,
You, Set me with sirens
I miss the only one who set fires!
The only one!!
And I'll dream of you all night,
I'd be pleading by you!!
Oh yeah!!!

Hold me.. All night!
Your the one that's seeking above them
I know your the only one that loves me!
But I won't give you up! Up!

Yeah I'm sure, your cold just like me
And I wanted you to see..
I've been waiting for you by your door...
Now what am I suppose to do?

But I don't know!
Whose been, waiting for you by the window!
And I'm sure it's been cold..
All night,
I.. I.. I.. am cold.
I.. I.. am cold..
Yeah But.. I'm, I am cold..
Yeah but, I, I am cold
Colder... Now..
Track Name: Graceful Remain
You said you were all alone
Begging saying you need me.
Then when I turned my eye
That pretty thing approaching me
Kissed but only to flee from me.
You said I love her, I need her
All the same things you kept telling me.
Yes I may be alone, but you know what?
This doesn't bother me.

I grow headstrong
Headlong, trying to keep my eyes from seeing wrong
I grow long, Headstrong!
This doesn't bother me at all.

Baby, I can't keep, faking!
your in my memories!
Why can't, you just fade?
From all the pain that you've made me!
All the pain that's still inside of me!
I was thinking why you kissed me..
Why I have to bliss there's something inside of me?
That makes you think, I'm not stronger.
Guess what? I'm growing headstrong!
Headlong, to keep growing faster, stronger!
This is the way I thought I'd be.
Headstrong, headlong, feel so strong!
Growing faster, your becoming a master.